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Nuzvid (also called Nujiveedu) is a mandal and municipality in Krishna District, Andhra Pradesh, India. It is 50 km from Vijayawada and 35 km from Eluru. This place is well connected by bus and rail. Nuzvid is well known for its mangos, which are exported world wide.

Nuzvid STD Code(phone):  08656

Nuzvid is a historical fort city in Krishna District, Andhra Pradesh. It was founded by late Meka Basavarayudu, the chieftain of Rani Rudrama Devi of Orugallu dynasty.

The city is famous for Rajahs (Kings), Dasara festival, Chedugudu/Kabaddi (rural sports), basketball and variety of mangoes. Nuzvid Chinna Rasalu (a type of small mangos) and Pedda Rasalu (large mangos) are world famous. Each Pedda Rasam mango weighs as much as 3 kg and they are very sweet and tasty.

The first film studio of Tollywood ‘Sobhanachala Studio’ was established at Chennai by the Nuzvidian.

The first English-Telugu dictionary was prepared by Sankaranarayana with the financial help of Nuzvid Rajahs.

In Andhra history, the first mutiny was held by Nuzvidians against French colonials. Nuzvid soil cultivated rich history, culture and heritage.

The famous Nuzvidians ‘Dharma Appa Rao’ was well known for his magnanimity and charitable nature. Several academic organizations are established on his name.

Late Sri M.R. Appa Rao was popular political personality in AP state as he held several important positions such as Prohibition Minister in First AP Cabinet, twice he become Vice Chancellor of Andhra University, MP of Rajya Sabha etc. His outstanding academic contribution towards establishing SRR ZP High School, DAR College and PG Centre is worth remembering by all Nuzvidians. He was part of the history of Philanthropic Nuzvid.

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